Herdes - The Athenian Issue


Athens, cradle of mythology and city guarded by Athena, the Greek goddess of wisdom. City of classic art, purity and simplicity in all its splendour. The Mediterranean tradition is captured and embodied in each of its streets, its people, its gastronomy and its culture, awakening in each one of us such inspiration that floods both our senses and emotions. The monumental pillars and the white stone sculptures surround this city and its corners, leaving pieces of antiquity and history scattered in its wake. Each image portrays the beauty of the Greek polis with the peculiar golden ratio that characterises it. The Greek aesthetic has managed to endure up until now, and despite having learnt how to renew with modern elements, it has accomplished to maintain its essence without losing sight of its origins. The fusion of the new and the old has given way to this volume in which the harmony of opposites predominates and the contrast between white and striking colours reflects that.